Cute Bachelorette Tiaras

Cute bachelorette tiaras are a simple way to do something special for your girls' night out party guests. With so many girls having a night out, how will you all stick together at the bar (especially after you've had cosmos!) without a way to identify each other as "I'm-with-the-bride"? Treat your friends right...after all, your big day is right around the corner. This page of provides a guide and rating score for all the cutest bachelorette tiaras. Each bachelorette tiara on our site is available for a discount price at

Cute Comb Bachelorette Tiara

Comfortable YES
Durable NO

Cute Comb Bachelorette Tiara is a pink plastic comb bachelorette tiara. It is about 4" long and that makes it easy to work into any hairstyle. It is recommended for children and flower girls for the following reasons: it comes in a package of 6 so it's great for parties, it doesn't look like something an adult would wear, and we think that you deserve better for your special girls' night out.

Heart Gem Bachelorette Tiara

Comfortable NO
Durable NO
Wearable NO

Heart Gem Bachelorette Tiara was designed for a child. We are near certain of it. This bachelorette tiara is made of shiny silver plastic and pink plastic gemstones, one of which is in the shape of a heart. It has two pieces: a headband and an attached tiara component that can rotate to the front so it looks like you are wearing a regular tiara rather than a headband tiara. The headband is way too tiny, though, and when you put it on your head the tiara component pops off. Recommended for children and flower girls.

Elegant Tiara

Comfortable YES
Durable NO
Wearable NO

Elegant Bachelorette Tiara is made of thin metal and covered in silver glitter that diffracts light in many colors. This bachelorette tiara rests on the crown of the head and is secured by two small combs located at the sides. We decided that it was not durable or wearable and do not recommend this bachelorette tiara. The glitter easily falls off on your face and hair, which can ruin a look if you don't want to be a glitter queen. Also, the metal is so thin that it can become deformed in the simple act of putting it on.