How to Wear Bachelorette Tiaras

The easiest kind of bachelorette tiara to attach to your hairstyle is a headband. However, headbands don't offer the same "classic" royal look as comb tiaras, so some brides and bachelorettes opt for trickier tiaras.

If you chose to wear a comb bachelorette tiara, fixing it to your hair is a little more difficult. Tiaras are designed to be positioned just in front of the top of your head (meaning between the hairline on your forehead and the top of your head, but closer to the top of your head). Not only does wearing the bachelorette tiara in this position make it easier to keep in place, it also makes for a nicer flow with your overall hairstyle.

Usually tiaras have two small combs on the side. These should be placed into your hair. It will be much easier to secure with thick hair than it will with thin hair. If you have thin hair, we recommend putting extra product in it before you blow-dry, and using extra hairspray after you fix the combs in.

Keep in mind that bachelorette tiaras are not meant to lay flat on your head. They should be tilted slightly upwards. It might feel a little insecure, so use bobby pins to keep it in place and really secure it to your hair. Use your hair to hide the bobby pins. If your bachelorette tiara has a
veil, this can also be used to hide any unsightly hardware.

The best thing to do is have your friend do it for you. Bachelorette tiaras are not easy!